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Rock Your Charm

Our trade is helping you find a little strength and joy in our jewels. Our mission is helping women everywhere find strength and joy in themselves. When you’re shining in Ragen, you’re also helping young women all over the world shine with their own light.

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Fine Jewelry


"I want to design jewelry that accompanies you in your quest for happiness, all the pieces have to be soulful and symbolic of what brings you joy"

                                                                                          Negar N. Founder


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Komera is the Kinyarwanda word for be strong. 

Komera develops self-confident young women who are ready to lead change — at home, in their schools, in their communities, and in the world. By providing access to education, community, and sport, Komera fosters the courage and talent of young Rwandan women. 

Ragen is proud to donate 10% of our profits directly to Komera. The proceeds from a single piece can fund an entire week of secondary school for a young scholar.

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